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Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur has called out Premier Daniel Andrews for encouraging public servants to join school students striking for the so called climate 'emergency'.

"An emergency is defined as 'a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action’. Given that the CSIRO records Australia’s climate has only warmed by 1 degree Celsius since 1910, 'climate emergency’ clearly does not fit this Oxford definition.

"Bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland or a terrorist attack would better fit the emergency definition."

"This alarmist misuse of language, especially when directed to school children, should be unacceptable to the government given recent NAPLAN results."

"It is bad enough students are being encouraged to walk off schools while NAPLAN results are in decline, now public servants are being encouraged to stop work at the expense of hardworking Victorian taxpayers."

"Go right ahead and protest on non work and school days, such as the following Friday on the recently legislated public holiday. Victoria has 13 public holidays more than any other State- use public holidays to protest instead of wasting taxpayer dollars and reducing the learning time of students."