Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur submitted ten Questions on Notice this week in parliament. She has asked the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to provide quantifiable information along with the considerable expenditure on wire rope barriers along the state’s highways.

Bev McArthur asked:

  1. What is the total expenditure on planning and installation of wire rope barriers from their rollout to the present?

  2. What is the total expenditure on repairs of wire rope barriers?

  3. What is the total expenditure on all forms of promotional advertising on the merits of wire rope barriers?

  4. What is the total expenditure paid to research companies to justify the benefits of wire rope barriers?

  5. What is the budget estimate for future wire rope barrier installation?

  6. What is the extra cost to wildlife unable to negotiate the placement of wire rope barriers?

  7. What is the tender process for wire rope barrier installation?

  8. What is the justification for double rows of barriers in divided highways?

  9. What is the number of motorcyclists who have been injured or killed due to wire rope barriers?

  10. If wire rope barriers are so effective in reducing the road toll, why has the road toll dramatically increased in Victoria?

Bev McArthur said “we need to be very certain that government use of taxpayer dollars delivers actual outcomes.”

“These questions are designed to elicit verifiable information as to the veracity of this so-called safety investment,” she concluded.

27 May 2019