Beverley McArthur MP

Member for Western Victoria Region

Media Statement




Recent reports that the animal activist group ‘Aussie Farms’ has released an interactive map detailing the location of livestock producing farms throughout Australia including farms in Western Victoria, with a view to encouraging the general public to intrude into farming enterprises are “shocking” and “totally unacceptable”.  

“This so called charity is clearly more interested in causing militant behaviour against farmers than protecting animal welfare.” In fact the real agenda may well be to put an end to animal meat and dairy production that has made Australia one of the most highly regarded farming nations of the world.  

Encouraging trespass on farms is not only totally irresponsible, a breach of privacy and even surely a criminal issue but such behaviour presents considerable added risk as most farming enterprises need to enforce strict bio-security protocols in their production process.  By such disgraceful actions, Aussie Farms are actually encouraging behaviour by militants that could put the health of animals at risk.

 I am pleased that the NFF and VFF have expressed their outrage and are seeking further legal advice as to the continued future of the interactive map site.  

I have been assured by Federal Member for Wannon and Cabinet Minister, The Hon Dan Tehan that the Federal Government will be doing all it can to stop this reprehensible behaviour of Aussie Farms and the Federal Government will also be looking at the charitable status of this group; a group who obviously seek to bring terror and mayhem to the lives and livelihoods of our hard working farmers, let alone their animals.  

The State Government and especially the Minister for Agriculture, The Hon Jaclyn Symes MLC need to publicly condemn this group’s behaviour and outline the action they will be taking to protect farmers and farm animals from such terrorist like behaviour.


23 January 2019