Beverley McArthur MP

Member for Western Victoria Region

Media Statement




Member for Western Victoria, Beverley McArthur has created an online survey to provide concerned and interested constituents with the opportunity to express their views on the recent events regarding animal activism. The survey asks for yes or no responses for the following questions:

  • Do you agree that animal activists should have the right to trespass on private farming property?

  • Do you agree that animal activists should have the right to picket or intrude into associated agricultural businesses, eg meat processing plants?

  • Do you agree that $1 fines are an acceptable penalty for animals activists involved in farm invasion and animal theft?

  • Do you agree that those advocating the virtues of a vegan diet, disrupted business and commuters in the Melbourne CBD?

  • Should animal activist organisations like Aussie Farms receive charity status and therefore benefit from tax exemption status?

“It is important that all people interested in the future of rural and regional Victoria contribute to the discussion.”

All interested parties can access the survey via:


The results will be published in a few weeks.

15 April 2019