Beverley McArthur MP

Member for Western Victoria Region

Media Statement




Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur used a constituency question today to extend support and appreciation for the Federal Government’s recent announcement of $80m for state road infrastructure in her region and to call on the State Government to demonstrate their responsibilities by providing a matching $80m in funding.

Bev McArthur thanked the Member for Wannon, Dan Tehan, for his successful advocacy for this funding which is essential for the safe transport of agricultural produce, tourism, farmers, local motorists and school buses.

Bev McArthur asked the Minister for Roads to “guarantee that the State Government will equally match” the Federal government’s pledge of $80m.

Roads in desperate need of investment include the Princes Highway West, dangerous intersections and busy unsafe tourist routes.  She reminded the Minister that ‘the agricultural sector provides $1.8b to the Great South Coast Region’ and the appalling state of Western Victoria Region roads add significantly to the cost of doing business and are a danger to both transport drivers and all motorists.

These are roads that the State should be funding so it is only right that the State should match the Federal contribution of $80m that would go a long way to ensure several projects get prosecuted for the benefit of a wider number of road-users.

20 March 2019