Beverley McArthur MP

Member for Western Victoria Region

Media Statement




The Member for Western Victoria Region, Beverley McArthur used the parliament to question the Minister for Education, the Honourable James Merlino, over the two-year saga of a $2.4 million ‘refurbishment’ of the Chilwell Primary School by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA). The adjournment debate and constituency question are attached.

The response to the constituency question from the Acting Education Minister, Gayle Tierney, is clearly unsatisfactory and misleading as is detailed below.


The adjournment debate remains unanswered.

Bev McArthur reiterated that the school community has worked very hard to get the ‘best bang for their buck’ possible, in the interests of the current and future student populations. It is a great shame that the VSBA and the Acting Minister, clearly prefer a less than optimal use of taxpayers’ money and have shown little concern for the school community.

24 April 2019