Beverley McArthur MP

Member for Western Victoria Region

Media Statement



Member for Western Victoria Region, Beverley McArthur used an Adjournment Debate in Parliament this week, to call on the Andrews Government to properly support volunteer bail justices by reimbursing them for the extensive amount of travel they undertake in their voluntary service.

Bail Justices are volunteers who listen to after-hours bail applications in the 129 Victoria Police site around the state. The number of Bail Justices has recently declined from 224 to just 50. A local bail justice from my Western Victoria Region electorate had to travel upwards of 400km in a single weekend. Bail Justices are not reimbursed for this travel at all, which at the ATO rate, could amount to more than $250.

Bev McArthur noted that Independent Third Parties who also volunteer to assist hearings involving cognitive impairment, are fully reimbursed for their travel, while Bail Justices are not.

“The declining number of bail justices should come as no surprise. Volunteers are clearly not respected or valued by this Labor government.”

“The Andrews government appears only to recognise paid union members operating in areas where many of us on this side of the house appreciate the invaluable contribution of volunteers.”

“Bail justices perform a vital role in our law and order system and it is critical that the government properly reimburses bail justices for their essential community service” Mrs McArthur concluded.

22 February 2019