Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur asked a constituency question to the Minister for Transport in parliament, to highlight the lack of adequate access and seating areas for the physically impaired on V/Line services.

Bev McArthur referred to a V/Line traveller who had contacted her after several years of lack of government response on the issue. Mr Hose had become a quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident and often utilizes public transport due to his inability to drive. He said he frequently arrives at a station only to find wheelchair access unavailable or at best, only limited space for wheelchairs.

Bev McArthur said “the government has no hesitation in spending billions on upgrading metropolitan rail but not a single cent in resolving evident defects in regional services, especially for the physically impaired.”

“In comparison to metropolitan rail projects, a resolution to this issue would require relatively minimal investment and no one should have to wait for new rail carriages to come on line in order to accommodate wheelchairs on a train,” said the Member for Western Victoria Region.

“When will the Minister ensure that Victoria’s regional train services accommodate the physically disabled in wheelchairs?” she asked.

29 May 2019