Fix the Roads Minister


Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur used a constituency question in parliament to ask the Government to match the Federal Government’s commitment of $140m to fix and upgrade roads in the Western Victoria Region.

Bev McArthur referred to an independent analysis commissioned by the RACV that deemed the roads in South West Victoria to be the worst in the State.

Bev McArthur also supported the advocacy of the Princes Highway West Action Alliance, who had suggested that the State Government should “match [the Federal funding] in the upcoming budget and get on and start the work.”

Bev McArthur asked “as the Minister and a fellow Member for Western Victoria Region, do you support the Alliance’s advocacy and believe that matching State funding is required to ensure the much-needed upgrades of these vitally important roads?”

“This government has once again demonstrated its total neglect for regional Victoria by failing to match the Federal commitment in this week’s budget,” she concluded.

31 May 2019