Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur used an adjournment debate in parliament, to raise concerns over the expulsion of a NSW drover from the Moyne Shire by government bureaucrats.

With the support of the Shire, John Wilson brought 360 drought-stricken cattle onto local roads, only to be impeded by VicRoads and DELWP who prevented him from moving the stock across state roads and issued him with a list of ‘out-of-bounds’ roads due to apparent new environmental concerns, leaving the owner with an out-of-pocket bill of $50,000 because he had to prematurely return to NSW due to the lack of grazing access.

Bev McArthur said “droving provides numerous benefits including reducing unmanageable roadside vegetation, especially phalaris; ensuring better visibility for motorists; reducing fire risk; offering a lifeline for valuable breeding stock from droughtstricken properties outside our area; reducing the habitat for wildlife which end up as roadkill; and saving ratepayers money.”

Bev McArthur asked the Minister for Agriculture to “stand up for agriculture and farmers by ensuring [her] colleagues stop their departments impeding droving and roadside grazing while supporting local municipalities in what should be a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.”

She suggested the Minister “could also show some compassion for New South Wales farmers who one day might have to help our Victorian farmers affected by drought.”

29 May 2019