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Waste is an Opportunity not a Problem

Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur used an adjournment debate in parliament to refute Greens MP Dr Ratnam’s call on the Victorian Government to implement a moratorium on any approvals for waste incinerators.

Bev McArthur said “Having recently visited waste to energy plants in the UK and Scandinavia, which have been operating successfully for years, I can attest that this is a very productive and clean way of dealing with domestic combustible waste.”

“I cannot understand why Victoria, given both our energy and waste crises, which we could rightly describe as emergencies, would not be rushing to facilitate projects of this type.”

“Maybe rather than burying our waste in the ground and exporting it to less developed nations, we could use it in a more efficient manner.”

“All methods of recycling should be explored as is done around the globe, including turning glass into road making material and old clothing into carpet.”

“Waste should be seen as an opportunity not a problem, and Victoria surely has the ingenuity, space and capacity to address this issue in a cost-effective and energy-productive way.”

“Instead of local councils contributing to a sustainability levy, which resulted in solar panels on trams in Melbourne and props up the budget bottom line, the levy should end and local governments should join together with the private sector to produce their own solution to the waste solution.”

Bev McArthur asked the Minister to “urge the government to work with local councils and waste to energy companies seeking to convert waste to an opportunity through incineration of Victoria’s excessive domestic combustible waste.”

13 September 2019