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Member for Western Victoria Region, Bev McArthur used an Adjournment Debate in Parliament this week to seek action from the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in regards to Victoria’s waste crisis.

Victoria’s waste crisis has resulted from years of government inaction with the current Minister “asleep-at-the-wheel,” while we put waste into holes and exported our problem overseas. The government appears to have no viable response to the current crisis resulting from the financial collapse of recycling company SKM, while China, quite rightly, refused to accept our rubbish.

Bev McArthur said “The majority of the 24 municipalities in my electorate of Western Victoria Region are rightly outraged that the tax levied on ratepayers for years has not been used to prepare for the waste pile we currently confront.”

She said “Not only have councils been forced to pay levies to the state government and huge compliance costs on their own landfill sites as well as increasing charges to waste collectors, but now they have to find storage for waste and put recyclables that their communities have carefully separated, into landfill.”

“Waste should be seen as an opportunity, not a problem, and this government should have shown leadership, not an unsatisfactory catch-up reaction.”

“Waste to energy is not new and is used to great effect overseas along with many forms of recycling. Circular economies utilising waste are in operation as we speak outside this country. We are years behind the game here.”

“The Minister needs to use the half billion dollars in the Sustainability Fund to work in collaboration with the private sector to turn recyclables into viable product and convert household non-recyclable waste into energy,” Bev McArthur concluded.

15 August 2019