I thank Mr Grimley for bringing this motion to our attention, and I am very happy to support it.

I say at the outset that I am a registered organ donor.

As some of you may know, my son who did not make his 30th birthday was tragically killed in a cycling accident in Sydney.

When I spoke to the surgeons at the hospital where he was I said, 'Can you please use his organs. He is an extraordinarily fit, able young man. He was killed on a bicycle. He would ride 70 kilometres in a day before going to work. They would be great organs. Please use them,” I begged the doctors.

Unfortunately there were medical reasons why they could not, and it was an extraordinary disappointment to me and to my family that this healthy, fit young man’s organs could not be made use of by other people.

We would have loved that.

I certainly would urge everyone to register as an organ donor, and I hope the medical profession can use the organs of people who have accidents if they have given their permission and their families agree. It is vitally important.

Thank you, Mr Grimley.

I hope everybody wears that jumper on the 30th.