On Monday night I was privileged to be invited to the Sunshine West home of Nezahat and Kadir Eryegit. Richard Riordan, MP, and I were honoured to sit around the family dining table and share a meal in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Nezahat’s culinary skills are without par. She is renowned for her authentic Turkish food, which, under the name of Gozleme Queen, she sells at various markets.

Nezahat has also been an active contributor to the Turkish media. Kadir and Nezahat came to Australia with two suitcases and a few hundred dollars and through hard work purchased a house and supported their children through education and entrepreneurial business activities.

This family is a strong example of Australia’s successful migration program, and their philanthropic support for others is a lesson to us all.

I must also thank Ahmet Keskin from the Australian Intercultural Society who was instrumental in organising our dinner and other iftar dinners, I understand. I learned a great deal about a culture of which I admit ignorance.

Thank you to all those of whose company and hospitality I was a beneficiary.

6 June 2019