Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a briefing from one of Australia’s most outstanding educators, the vice-chancellor of Deakin University, Professor Jane den Hollander.

I just want to congratulate Deakin University, who have moved their headquarters to Geelong, which is significant, for the work they are doing in their Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, which provides unique learning and research opportunities for students and academics across regional Victoria that are so vital for the growth and prosperity of these communities.

The centre has a commendable track record of involvement in industry, industry bodies and international and government research over the six years of its existence. A testament to their utility and efficacy is that agriculture research development corporations such as the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation are funding research at the centre.

Deakin is providing cutting-edge education for our students in rural and regional Victoria and doing an outstanding job of leading education not only in the tertiary sector but also at the secondary and TAFE levels in our Geelong region. I congratulate Deakin University.

20 February 2019