My adjournment debate tonight is for the Minister for Agriculture and concerns increasing numbers of feral deer breeding at a rapid rate in the Grampians area.

Rather than just embarking on culling these animals, it would seem logical to take a lesson from other parts of the world where deer are properly managed and seen as a valuable resource in the form of high-grade meat or for stalking on hunting estates.

Only old and unhealthy deer are stalked, with the population carefully managed, resulting in no undue threat to the wider natural environment or farm animals.

This well-regulated hunting approach provides valuable employment opportunities and income in areas where there are frequently no other alternatives.

In the Grampians National Park stags are smashing down trees, moving into farmland and causing no end of trouble for everybody concerned, so the action I seek is for the minister to explore better ways, as utilised overseas, to control deer populations rather than simply culling them with all the associated problems.

7 June 2019